Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snapfish Penny Prints

7/5 - 7/10 Penny Prints from HP Snapfish! Enjoy 50 4" x 6" mail-order prints for only 1 cent each! Hurry and print all your favorite summer memories today. If you have more than 50 photos to print, each additional print is only 9c each.

Use coupon code: PENNY at checkout before July 10.

If your new to Snapfish sign up and receive the Free Product of the Day and 50 free prints.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have only started doing the coupon thing for about a month now. I started when I ran across sites like these. Wow I wish I had known about this years ago! What a great way to save.
From reading some of the post about Kmart and how people did not know what the store policy was on double coupons I decided to just call both of the Kmarts closest to me.They are both about 125 miles round trip from me so I wanted to make it count as much as possible. So I called and the first time a gal said only 10 coupons per day. So I was busy trying to get my daughter to with me. She even asked off of work that day so she could go with anyways I decided I needed to check with the other Kmart store in the same city. They told me this time that they took all the coupons I had to use and that they just do it to get my business so happy day!!!! I called back to the other store all ready to try and convince them that they should let the costumers use as many coupons as we could. This time the gal that I talked to said oh yes we take as many as you can use!!!! So what the heck is the real policy? I don't really know but I do think that every employee has a different understanding of the rules and regulations. Long story but I guess that everyone that has a Kmart close by should give it another try and see if sombody else says you can use more coupons then ten. I even emailed the company to ask for a copy of the coupon policy to be emailed to me. I sure hope it says we can use as many as we have!!!
I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! You all do such a good job teaching us the steps to saving the big bucks each month!!

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