Monday, October 20, 2008

Mechanical Monday

Since I'm with a mechanic and we never have to pay ridiculous prices for repairs, I'm going to dedicate every Monday to ways you can save too.

The shop charges you labor and the price of parts. Now what if you buy your own parts and just pay for the labor? Now you can, on This Site is a database that list every auto recycler in North America. You can search by country,state, region, zip code and price. Any part you need from engines to axles, you name it they probably got it.

I personally bought a Manual Transmission for a 06 Scion TC (he's a racer) for $150 with a 3yr warranty now $75(I wish I had waited). From the dealer it would have cost us $3800. I bought an axle because we snapped it at the track for $75 from dealer $150 with 6 month warranty.

If your having car problems and you find a part on this site for a very good price leave a comment with the price difference so that others in disbelief can see.

1 comment:

Alexandra Hancock said...

these mechanical monday posts are genius! every one feels like we pay more than we should for repairs so I'm excited to see what deals you get.

p.s. thanks for entering my giveaway!

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