Monday, December 8, 2008

Giveaway Madness

During this holiday season there are so many kind bloggers holding giveaways. I personally think that we need more people in the world willing to share and help others in need. So here are some of the fantastic giveaways going on. Also be sure to come back later this week for one of my giveaways.

Mommies with Cents
The Christmas Lights Mystery Book
$100 Burlington Coat Factory Gift card
Organically Grown Tote Bag

Common Sense with Money
$100 Walmart Gift card

Deal Seeking Mom
$500 Walmart Gift Card

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
iGo Giveaway
Sassafras Pizza Kit
The Little Environmentalists
Soda Club Giveaway
And many more

The Centsible Sawyer
$500 Walmart Gift card

Macaroni Dinner Kit

Mrs. Deal Finder
Nintendo Wii Bundle Giveaway

$100 Burlington Coat Factory Gift card


Moxie Trades Gift Basket
$25 TJ Maxx and Marshals Gift card
Bugalug Giveaway
$100 Home Depot Gift Card

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