Monday, December 8, 2008

Mechanical Monday

Always make sure your car gets its scheduled maintenance. To find out how long go to your owners manual, if you can't find you manual use these tips below.

Oil Change- about every 3,000-miles
Rotate Tires- about every 6,000-miles
Tune-Ups- Older cars about every 30,000-miles
Most newer cars using platinum or iridium spark plugs that are good from 60,000 to 100,000
Vehicle Inspection- This is done every time you bring you car to the shop and its free.This free check includes a visual inspection of:
  • tires
  • suspension
  • lights
  • fluid levels
  • wipers
  • belts
  • battery
  • hoses
  • and more
Always be sure to take your vehicle to a ASE Certified shop or mechanic. Never forget to check and make sure that the work was actually done to your car. Some mechanics do slack and you don't want to be the victim. If the price is to high but you really need the work done ask for a discount. Some shop managers will discount the part/services and check your mailboxes, newspapers and online for coupons.
Firestone Complete Auto Care
Tires Plus
Tire Kingdom

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