Friday, December 19, 2008

My Mommies Hobby

For some strange reason I haven't posted any posts for Homemade Thursday. I just realized I'm never home on that day. I usually running errands or at my moms house. So today is my mommies day on my blog because I love her so much and she's very supportive of it.

My mom loves to crochet and I love having her make me things so here are some items I gotten. Now the best part about this is my mom loves when I do giveaways on my blog and will supply me with a new item every week to give away starting tomorrow. So be sure to come back tomorrow to enter.

I also want to keep my readers involved so leave me a comment with your suggestions on what items I'll ask her to make. Also leave some color choices so I can get a basis on what you all like.

My sons afghan

My daughters afghan

My daughters purse

My daughters doll,my mom named her Plum.


Theresa N. said...

The Plum is a real sweety.
theresa N

Rebecca said...

The Plum doll is darling. My suggestion would be a doll blanket. I suspect a lot of your readers are moms (like me) and some of them must have daughters. Any little girl would love a special blanket to wrap her dolly up in.

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