Monday, January 26, 2009

$0.38/pound Leg Quarters

Here in Jacksonville we have a store called Save Rite. Its like Winn Dixie's sister store similar to Aldi or Save-a-lot. Well right now my sister said they have leg quarters for $0.38/pound. She also said since they were sold out of leg quarters, they had whole chickens $0.38/pound, and she paid around $1.96-$1.99 per chicken.

I only know of this price at the Save Rite on 1012 Edgewood Ave North if the one on Main St has this price email me. They also have Hawaiian Punch Gallons, $1.48, a in ad coupon for $25 GC for Save Rite or Winn Dixie with a transferred perscription, their 30 day supply of generic perscription drugs start at $3.98.

Hurry, the sale ends Tuesday!!

If you have a Save Rite and live outside of Jacksonville, FL leave a comment telling me what city and if they have this deal at your location. Also leave a comment if you would like me to post Save Rite Deals weekly.

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