Friday, April 3, 2009

Keep Your Money Friday

Couponing 101

Week 4: Saving at CVS

Everyone always asks me whats the deal with CVS. CVS is one of the best stores to get free toothpaste, hair products, over the counter medicines, and more. The Extra Care Program is very coupon friendly and it the best way to save money on those everyday needed supplies.

CVS Loyalty Card

This an essential key to getting your savings at CVS. If you do not already have a ExtraCare card aka CVS card you can obtain one online here or ask the cashier for one while in the store . This card is how you get the sales pricing on products and Extra Care Bucks(ECBs) to print. You must have your card to get them to print at the bottom your receipt.

What are Extra Care Bucks

Extra Care Bucks are coupons which print out at the bottom of your receipt when you purchase qualifying items. The ECBs can then be used to purchase other products in the store with some exceptions. Extra Bucks can be used on purchases in-store or online at

Working out your transaction

Once you have your card you will need a store flyer and your coupons to start working out scenarios. The store flyer will include the weekly sales and the participating items that will earn you ECBs. Every now and then you will find items on sale that are free after ECBs, for example this week Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kits were $1.99,and free after ECBs(Sunday and Monday only). You will pay $1.99 + Tax and get back $1.99 in ECBs at the bottom of your receipt to use on your next purchase. There are limits on ECB items and you can find the limit number in small print under the advertised sale price. Be sure to treat your ECBs as you would cash.


Lets do a transaction using the Irish Spring Body wash-$4.99 and Colgate Max Toothpaste from the week of 3/15 both are free after ECBs:
Buy one Irish Spring body Wash $4.99
Buy one Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.99
Final Price: $7.98
You pay $7.98 + tax and get back a $4.99 ECB and a $2.99 ECB at the bottom of you receipt. Now lets do the same transaction with coupons.

Buy one Irish Spring body Wash $4.99
Use (1) $0.50 coupon from recent insert
Buy one Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.99
Use (1) $0.75 coupon from recent insert
Final Price: $6.73

You pay $6.73 + tax and get back a $4.99 ECB and a $2.99 ECB at the bottom of you recipt, giving you a profit of $1.25. Say you had a $ off $$ purchase store coupon. You can use that in conjunction with you purchase to even spend less out of pocket. Lets use the shopping trip I did this week at CVS. I bought the following:

2- Fantastik Cleaners $5
3- Powerades $2.97
1- CVS 500ct Ibuprofen $9.99
1- Glade Sense & Spray $5.99
2- Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubbers $5.98
2- Paas Egg Decorating Kits $3.98
2- Veet Gel Cream Hair Removal Kits $10.98
Total Before Coupons - $44.89

I used these coupons:
$10 off $20 or more purchase
(2) $1/1 coupons for Fantastik
(1) $4/1 coupons for Glade
Used (2) $2.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Printables
(2) $2/1 Veet Printables

After coupons - $14.72 w/tax OOP and received $10.98 in ECBs. The $10/$20 coupon saved me an extra $10. When using a $/$$ coupon always do it in this order.
  • $/$$ Store Coupon
  • Manufacturer Coupons
  • Any other Store Coupons
  • Pay with your ECBs
  • Then pay with Cash
Always have your manufacturers coupons scan first before store coupons to avoid any beeping at the register.

Obtain more reward incentives

You will automatically receive 2% back on your CVS purchases in store or online that quarter when you sign up. They will print at the bottom of your receipt or you can print them online from your account.

Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store and online at CVS/pharmacy.

Register you CVS card online and request for their email offers here. You will periodically receive $/$$ coupons, free coupons, and other store coupons. If you have an online account and need to attatch your CVS card do it here.

Additional special offers print on your store receipt frequently throughout the year. This includes in-store coupons.

Link your CVS card to your Upromise account here.

Join the CVS Advior Panel Here.Usually twice a year, they will send you invitations to participate in online surveys about CVS products and services. If you choose to participate they will thank you for your time by crediting your ExtraCare account with $5, $10 or $15 in ExtraBucks. To join click here.

Purchase the Reinventing Beauty Magazine for $0.99 only at CVS. This mag always has tons of coupons.

Last but not least make purchases at CVS. The more purchases you make the more likely you are to obtain extra coupons.

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