Friday, June 5, 2009

Keep Your Money Friday

Saving for college while saving on groceries with Upromise

Take the time to plan for your child's future.

Upromise is a rewards program that helps you save, earn and pay for college. With Upromise, you can save money doing these everyday things like shopping at the grocery store, drug stores, gas stations, online and more.

There are over 21,000 stores partnering with Upromise to help make saving for college easier, not including the thousands of participating product brand that we all know and love. You can earn from 1-3% back, all you need do is:
  • Register your store cards
  • Shop for groceries(eligible brands)
  • Scan your store card
  • Earn for College
You can also link you drug store cards to you account and even add select Upromise eCoupons to add even more to you fund. Register your grocery card and save when you shop!

Did you know that many local and national restaurants participate in the Upromise reward program. You can earn up to 8% on every meal.
  • Sign up as a preferred diner
  • Go out or get take out(eligible restaurants)
  • Pay with a credit/debit card linked to your account
Upromise offers eCoupons to help you maximize your saving. I love that I can use manufacturer coupons with them and get double the savings. They're very simple to use and add up pretty quickly. Some brands include Huggies, Charmin, Simiac, Post and Gold Bond and change every month. Learn how to use ecoupons here.

Utilize Friends and Family
Invite your friend or family to help earn money for you child's college fund. Send them an invite, they shop and earn money that will go directly to your Upromise account. You can save and earn 3x as much as you would if you'd had done it alone.

Join Upromise for free and let hundreds of America’s leading companies help you save for college. Have all your earnings go directly into your Upromise account. Remember you can invest them in a 529 college savings plan or link one to your Upromise account. Use it to pay down your student loans or receive a check for college expenses.

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