Wednesday, July 8, 2009

20 Free Song Downloads from iTunes

Become a fan on the iTunes Facebook page and you'll receive 20 free song downloads. I would love to do this offer but I don't have a Facebook yet so I hope they will do it again sometime. But since we are talking about Apple here are some other great offers.

If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, download the free Barnes & Noble Bookstore app and you'll recieve a mobile coupon for a Free Tall Starbucks Brewed Coffee at any Barnes & Noble Café. Thanks, Coupon Cravings.

The other day I had to buy a new iPod charger because my two little helpers broke the other one by mistake. If you own a iPod you know that the cheapest you can find it is maybe $20, and that's at Walmart. I went on Ebay and I found one for $0.95 and free shipping.

Can you believe that and I got it in about 2 days. The seller name is ACCSTATION and I just looked its now $0.88 for an iPod charger(compatible with most iPods). I used the money I made from YouData so it was basically free for me.

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