Friday, July 3, 2009

Earn $5 Cash via Paypal with Swagbucks

Search & Win

I've mentioned Swagbucks plenty of times in the past and I'm so excited to tell you about it today. You can now redeem your swagbucks for Paypal. You only need 80 swagbucks to have $5 cash sent to your paypal account.

I currently have 111 swagbucks, more than enough to redeem for $5 but I have bigger plans with my bucks. If you aren't familiar with Swagbucks, it is a search engine like Google and Yahoo, that you can win points(bucks) by surfing the web. You can then convert your bucks into gifts or gift cards(Amazon, Target, Starbucks etc.). Swagbucks pulls a majority of the time the same search results as Google or

If your not a member I think its a good time to earn rewards for something you already do for free. You only need 45 Swagbucks to get a Amazon Gift Card, and you can accumulate that in no time.

To make Swagbucks even a better when you sign up they give you 3 swagbucks just for signing up. Not only that but if you join by July 6th and use the code: CASHISKING(case sensitive) you will receive an additional 2 swagbucks, giving you a total of 5 swagbucks to get you started.

To make it even better today is Mega Swagbucks Friday so you can win 10, 50, or even 100 swagbucks in one search.

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