Friday, August 28, 2009

New Frugal Content Available Daily

Keep Your Money Friday

This is a special Keep Your Money Friday because it's all about the new frugal content now available to you right here on Never2Late2Save. I'm very excited to tell you more about them, how it works and what you'll gain.

Ideas That Spark

Ideas That Spark is geared towards women who bring creativity to everything they do. I think they should change this toclude tose fathers who are creative also. It gives you creative ideas on common tasks like planning a getaway and finding smart storage solutions, to self-expression through scrapbooking and digital photo sharing. I really like the article "The Cleaning Cheat Sheet", the denture tablet idea I couldn't have thought of myself.

Visit Connect to find fun ways to keep in close contact with your family and Smart Living to find simple and quick ideas to maximize your time and money. Check out the Tip of the Day daily and participate in the interactive polls and quizes which are updated weekly.

Your Family Today

Your Family Today is all about providing your family smart healthy living smart ideas and advice on everything from wholesome dishes to effective discipline techniques to tips for raising pets. You can listen to audio casts, get advice on back pain and recipes on goodies like Parmesan chicken fingers.

All of this content is available to you daily on Never2Late2Save and will hopefully be in its own tabs by the end of next week. So start clicking and explore the new information and be sure to leave a comment here to let me know how you like it.

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