Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot Printable Coupons from Save-A-Lot

There are some great new printable coupons on Save-A-Lots site. Whats so fantastic is that there are both manufacturer ans store coupons available, some with good values. Thanks, Totally Target and here's a list of the coupons available.

Save-A-Lot Coupons:
$0.30/1 Ginger Evans Brown/Powdered Sugar
$0.40/1 So Easy Shell's and Cheddar
$0.50/1 Home Churned Butter 16oz
$0.50/4 Wylwood Canned Vegetables
$0.50/1 Ginger Evans All Purpose Flour
$0.50/2 Coburn Farms Evaporated Milk
$0.50/4 Caskey's 10.5oz Cream Soups
$0.60/1 Ginger Evans Self-Rising Flour
$0.60/2 Coburn Farms 8oz Cream Cheese
$0.75/4 Caskey's 14oz Chicken Broth
$1/1 Westcott's 48oz Vegetable Oil
$1/1 McDaniels Coffee 32.5oz Can
$1/2 Country Crossings/Coburn Farms 12oz Shredded Cheese
$1/1 Mrs. Smith Assorted Pies
B1G1 Portman's Salad Dressing

Manufacturer Coupons:
B2G1 Starkist Solid White Tuna 5oz Can
$0.50/1 Fleischmann's Olive Oil
$1.25/2 Healthy Choice Cafe or Asian Inspired Cafe Steamers
$1.25/2 Healthy Choice Complete Meals
$0.50/3 Snack Pack Sugar Free/Fat Free Pudding
$0.50/2 Hunt's Pasta Sauce
$0.50/1 Swiss Miss Sugar Free Pudding
$1.50/3 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
$1/3 Healthy Choice Microwaveable Bowls
$1/4 Healthy Choice Canned Soups
$2/2 Orville Redenbacher's 100 Calorie Smart Pop Gourmet Popping Corn

If you have a store that accepts competitor coupons you can save even more.

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